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Krista Elsta Women's Cashmere Knitwear Sweaters

Krista Elsta is a knitwear brand based in Riga, Latvia. All the products, mainly womens cardigans, and sweaters, are made locally of pure cashmere, alpaca wool, merino wool, and other natural and sustainable materials. The minimalism of design and fulfillment of convenience are the basic features of Krista Elsta.

Do you love the feel of cashmere but are frightened by the cost? One thing to remember when purchasing a cashmere sweater is it will last for many years. This consideration will make the sweater an investment that is well worth the price you will pay. The importance of owning a few items of clothing that are of top quality will be in your best interests. There are many occasions that call for a sophisticated look and a cashmere sweater definitely qualifies as one of the most impressive looks you can portray.

The cashmere sweater says you are a person who has quality taste. This will make a subtle but obvious point especially if you are in a position where clothing matters. The top ranking business people want to make an impression not only on their customers but their peers as well. Cashmere is one way you can let everyone know that you are a person of distinction without showing it in an obnoxious way.

Besides the benefits of showing your taste is impeccable, think about the comfort of a cashmere sweater. This fabric is so soft that you will feel as if you are wrapped in a cocoon. The comfort level is enough to make you want a whole rainbow of colors of cashmere sweaters but if you are lucky enough to own one or two you will still be very pleased. Cashmere is insulating without being bulky. When you live in a climate that requires dressing warmly in the winter season, cashmere can keep you comfortably warm without making you feel like a snowman.

Speaking of color, cashmere is a material that handles dying quite well so you will find many colors from which to choose. Consider your coloring when purchasing the right hue for your new cashmere sweater. Dark colors are great on just about anyone.

The eyes are one of your deciding factors when it comes to choosing a color. For those with blue eyes a blue sweater can make the face light up. If you have brown eyes, you may want to choose a brown cashmere sweater. White is another choice, but remember this is a color that is harder to keep clean.

When considering which cashmere sweater you will choose, try on a few and see which one suits you the best. Take along a friend whose opinion you value and get an idea of which color and style looks the absolute best for your hair color, eye color, skin tone and body type. This is an important decision and you want to be happy with the one you choose.

Cashmere is an old material dating back some seven hundred years. This is one of the oldest materials used by man to make clothing. The richness of cashmere is as well known for making beautiful sweaters today as it was for making robes many hundreds of years ago. Even then it was recognized for the great versatility it had for protecting the body from cold yet allowing the freedom of movement that was required.

Cashmere sweaters are also made for specific purposes. Heavier sweaters are great for climates that do not have a lot of warm weather. Lighter cashmere is perfect if you live Knit Sweater in an area that has chilly weather during the spring and fall. They will keep you warm but the material is quite lightweight. No matter the type you choose, there is one thing you can be sure of when it comes to cashmere. The look is one of style and taste and you will be very happy with your cashmere sweater for many years.

Cashmere open front cardigan EDITH

Material: 100% cashmere, made in Italy, 2-ply knit

Available colors: grey, black, dark blue, off-white.

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

You may also be interested in the cashmere open front cardigan EDITH in BLACK:

and 1-ply knit open front hooded cardigan ALETHE in GREY:

- 2-ply cashmere;
- super soft texture;
- large hood;
- straight cut;
- a bit oversize fit;
- mid-weight knit;
- long sleeves;
- two patch pockets;
- knitted belt included;
- external seams;
- made on hand-knit machine.

Care: dry clean or hand wash inside out (at 30 degrees).

We accept custom orders for this woman's cashmere hoodie. If you would like to have the cardigan in a special color or size, please feel free to ask us. The custom orders are not refundable.

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