5 Simple Techniques For custom pop up tents

Today, advertising like everything else has taken a drastic turn and the things that were not used in the past are used today as effective advertising and marketing tools.

Event Tents

Tents can be used for purposes of advertising today. You can purchase a great tent that will definitely reach out to your clients and the potential clients that you are targeting. There are so many kinds of pop up event tents that a company can use to excel effectively in advertising and promote business. The event tents can be custom made for a particular client and they can bear any message that the advertiser wants to put across.

Advertising is important and it may be for that reason that it remains such a significant thing even today. It is a reliable and reputable method of attracting and keeping clients. There are companies that have been in the advertising field for years and sometimes they are the best option when you really want to boost your company and increase revenue.

The custom tents should be created specifically and within the set requirements of the client. Since tents are used outdoors, they should be made with portable and sturdy materials that can withstand even the most extreme conditions. The finest quality material needs to be applied. They should also be UV proof and resistant to all the elements even as they are outdoors.

What image do you want to present to your customers? How many chances do you get to make a first impression? Custom printed pop up tents give you the chance to define yourself as a first class company that is capable and professional.

The thing is, you can get this done for under $1500. But to some people that seems like a lot of money. They look at pop up tents at Walmart or Costco for under $200 and they balk at the price of a custom printed tent.

So why the difference in price?

First, professional, custom printed tents are heavier and sturdier. They stand up better to the wind and the other elements. The fabric is certified flame resistant. Many public events require this certification.

Second, the purpose of a Costco tent is to make shade. The purpose of a custom printed tent is to advertise. So the peak of a custom printed tent is higher and the available printing space is much larger.

Third, since the Costco tent is already sewn together, it is not possible to put it through a digital printer. So you have only two options; one is to print a banner and hang it on the side of the tent (how does that look?) or you can either screen print or use transfer letters to put your logo on the peak or valence. (A. that is not cheap and B. you don't get the full color, edge to edge print that you get with full color, digital printing).

Either way, you look like small potatoes. "Think small - stay small", I always say.

Fourth, full color digital printing allows you to reinforce your branding with custom PMS colors and graphics. You know right away when you see a tent or a NikeTent at some event. You don't even have to read the words. That the sweet spot of brand marketing, when people recognize you and remember your brand identity at a glance.

Fifth, you can expand your printed message area on a custom printed tent by adding a back wall, side rails and even a table skirt that match your canopy and give you the space you need to pitch your products or explain your service. Depending on the set up, these additions can be oriented out to the traffic or in toward the booth. If the tent is isolated, putting the graphics out to the traffic gives you more exposure. If the tent is in line with other tents, orienting the graphics inside the tent gives you a more complete selling environment. Of course, you can always order double sided graphics and get both.

Sixth, now imagine that you go to any event where people have tents. there is a sea of white tents. Which one is selling the jewelry? Which one is selling the carved wood? You need to be right up on custom tent the tent to figure that out.

Now, a custom printed tent with your colors and logos standing above the sea of white canopies advertises your presence and reinforces your brand from all over the event location. In event marketing, this is known as "Air Power"

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